Pura Vida

Well it’s finally up in action!!! Whoohoo, I just let off a series of fireworks to celebrate..(You had to be there). Either way, I hope your just as excited as me to see the first post on Journey Is Reward. It’s been a long time coming for my brain to actually function outside of nursing school and studying for my boards, but the moons have finally aligned people! I hope you look forward to my hopefully frequent posts! I really want to focus this blog on places I’ve been, places I want to go, exercise plans, easy cooking recipes, and now that I think of it…whatever I feel like! I hope that’s okay with everyone.

So the first little adventure I’d like to take you on is to Santa Theresa, Costa Rica.

I’ve been to Costa Rica six times now and I think I can confidently say that Santa Theresa is the most beautiful, relaxing place to go. Now, I have many reasons for this. I’ve been to Tamarindo and Jaco (becoming heavily populated with American tourists) but have made it to Santa Theresa four times. Santa Theresa has somehow remained remote and unpopulated despite the fluctuations in tourism interest. LUCKILY! So let’s get on our way and get there! You first take a flight to San Jose, Costa Rica. Then you have two options really, you can either take a puddle-jumper (small sketchy plane) to Tambor and get picked up by car or taxi down the dirt roads through Cobano to Santa Theresa OR you can rent a car, drive two hours take a ferry, drive two hours. I personally prefer the puddle-jumper simply because Costa Ricans are not the best at paving roads and seem to prefer dirt, rocky, pot holed, side of mountain (no guard rail) driving. BUT HEY…if your in for a real adventure, then totally DRIVE. Be sure to let me know how it is.

So we’re there. Ahhhhh… I feel the 90 degree heat, with nice cloud coverage, soft sand and ocean breeze on my face. It feels good, try it! You shut your phone off, and you have no access to the outside world (unless you want it of course). I recommend shutting down upon arrival. There’s something about truly focusing on nature and determining your days activities on what waves you want to see/catch and what yoga poses you’ll try today. Brings your body and mind back to tranquility. Tranquilo POR FAVOR!

This is living PURA VIDA BABY. OH and did I mention, they have the BEST mojitos????! They’re made with fresh mint leaves, the juice of many fresh limes, Bacardi rum and if you really want to live on the edge, add some carbonated water! If I haven’t convinced you I’ll keep going on.

THE FOOD. Don’t get me started on the food. I can’t even really explain it. Just close your eyes… wait read this then close your eyes. ENVISION: A WORLD WITH NO MICROWAVES OR FROZEN FOODS. I know it’s my first blog post and I’m already rocking ya world. BACK TO FOOD. ENVISION: A WORLD WITH NO MICROWAVES OR FROZEN FOODS. WHOAH! INSANE! They pick all the ingredients fresh and focus on our long lost friends, FRUITS AND VEGGIES. Aw….They really miss you. They are waiting for your belly. DID YOU KNOW, your breakfast, lunch, and dinner should focus primarily upon these bad boys? I’ll throw in a picture to show ya the goods! But seriously, how could you ignore these sexy things. Add some olive oil, garlic, and any fun spice to SPICE UP YOUR LIFE. Every boy and and every girl. (Okay, I’ll stop, Spice Girls are so 90’s).

Anyways, these are some of the yummy eats I encountered:

Fresh Tuna Burger on Fresh Bun with Avocado, Cheese, Bermuda Onion, Tomato, Lettuce, and French Onion Dip. (French Onion Dip on a sandwich is PURE GENIUS).

Fresh Tuna #2: Shredded tuna with spicy red pepper, olive oil, lime juice, fresh parsley, and onion on a homemade whole wheat bagel with cabbage, lettuce and tomato.

Antipasti (Picture Shown) with sections of Veggies: Zucchini with onion, Red Roasted Pepper, Eggplant with Garlic, Mushrooms with Pineapples, and Tomato’s with Olives.  All nicely paired with a homemade whole wheat bagel and tzatziki dipping sauce. Ah, I’m in love.

Flatbread Pizza with Shrimps, Pesto, and Cheese. x45.

Mediterranean Flatbread with a pesto topping, olives, feta, and tomato. Sided with eggplant, olive oil and garlic.

Oh, I could go on forever. I’m sorry if your salivating. I hope you didn’t leave to go eat yet. WAIT, I have more to say. I’m a female. We always have more to say. News to you RIGHT?? Well, I’m not that mean and this blog is already a small book so I’ll stop here and leave you to go to the grocery store, buy every veggie and fruit and make em so you can be EXCITED to eat in a world with no microwaves or frozen food. I promise though when you visit Santa Theresa, your vacation will be filled with  more than just food. You can go zip-lining through the jungles with the monkeys, surf the strong currents, hike to the top of mountains with beautiful ocean views, see every form of wild life (monkeys, iguanas, crabs, butterflies, cows…just to name a very small few), paint (REMEMBER YOUR CHILDHOOD!)…Hold on I have to go on a little rant about painting….I’m definitely not the best and I’m no where near the talent of my father (another blog post) and even though my art looks like a 2nd grade art project, WHO CARES. Have you ever just painted? Just to paint? JUST DO IT! Get away from facebook, get away from texting, turn on your music and go to town.

Okay back to Costa Rica, in addition to all of those fun activities you can also just wake up do Yoga viewing the ocean and sit by the beach then visit my little friend, the hammock. Oh baby, things get a little crazy in Costa Rica. Naps every day! On a hammock! Things don’t get any better I tell ya. Let’s bring siesta to America! I’ll start a petition soon. Well I hope your nice and relaxed and don’t want to kill me for making you want a vacation. Just remember, make every day a vacation. Treat yourself. Paint. Do Yoga. Eat Well. Be a monkey once in a while. 😉


Love, Carmen Sam Diego.

P.S Look forward to more posts on Yoga, painting, fun, fun, fun.


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  1. Beautiful. Made me tear up! I’m delighted at your ability to experience, interpret, and express. Lovely.

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