Sam’s Famous Sweet Potato Crisps

Have a fetish with Doritos? Find Yourself open a bag of chips and soon find the bag empty? Sick of the grease stains on your pants from eating chips? Looking for a better solution?

The answer to all of your life problems are now solved.

Sam’s Famous (Self-Proclaimed) Sweet Potato Chips.

Ever since I stumbled upon the fact that you can indeed make a chip out of a sweet potato, my life has never been the same. I make them at least twice a week when I’m looking for that crunchy satisfaction without all the guilt that regular chips bring. Have I mentioned that this is also an extremely cheap method of crunching up your life? A normal bag of sweet potato’s from Super Walmart only cost me $1.99 for 7 plump sweet potato’s! (Compare this to your $2.99 for a bag of Dorito’s)

These bad boys only take about 10 minutes to cook and you can spice them up whichever way tickles ya fancy! I personally take about three small sweet potato’s and chop them as thin as I can (without slicing my fingers). Then throw em the bowl! BAM! Almost Done!

Then feel free to add any spices/herbs you’d like. I personally add 1 tbs of olive oil and then a little mix of these:

Bet you wish your DORITO’S had fresh herbs and fresh ground pepper! Haven’t you been longing for a chip that you can pronounce the ingredients of? Doesn’t it just make you feel SO GOOD about yourself?

I bet you’ll feel even better about yourself after you eat an ENTIRE plate of these without one ounce of guilt. Now all you got to do is place these nicely seasoned sweet potato’s in the oven at 400 Degrees.

I personally put them in for ten minutes, FLIP, then another five-ten depending on how crispy you’d like em. I also, indulge myself with 1 Tbs of BBQ sauce for dipping. Can’t go wrong with another excuse to have some BBQ. Well I hope you enjoy these just as much as me and replace these BAD BOYS with YA NASTY DORITOS! There, I SAID IT. Now don’t go hating on me until you try.

It’s all about PURA VIDA.


4 responses to “Sam’s Famous Sweet Potato Crisps

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  2. Those sound great! I have a little dipping sauce magic to add on to it. Try BBQ mixed with equal parts ranch dressing..It’s pretty delish. Thanks for the yummy post.

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