It’s Thursday, go to Athens.

I just worked all day, so I don’t know about you but I’m going to

Athens, Greece.

And I’m having a

Alfa Beer. Mmmm

And I’m while I’m at the bar, I will look up and see this

Tomorrow when I wake up I’ll go for a casual run at the

Home of the First International Olympic Games.

Casually Run on the grounds of famous olympiads.


Then I’ll be hungry and go pick dinner up at

Athens city market with all fresh meats, fishes, and foods.

Then head back to my luxorious five star hotel.



Glad I could take that mental trip with you. I wish I was really going to Greece tomorrow, instead I might just go on my porch…in the city. (Just as beautiful, I swear). Anyways, Athens is the bees knees. This is my first of three or four posts about my trip to Greece last summer and Athens was my first stop.

Me and me madre only spent our first night and first full day in Greece but trust me folks, that’s enough.  The first night, we had enough time to check into our hotel, visit The Parthenon (pictured above) on a casual mid afternoon walk, grab a bite (a very good bite) to eat, shop around and still hit the sheets by 9. WHOAH. That’s alot. But I promise your vacation will relax once you leave Athens.

Day 2: Rise and Shine, grab a wonderful breakfast, buy tour bus tickets and start your full day tour! Its not as “tour busy” as it sounds, its basically a free ride and information to all the cool spots in Greece. You have the pleasure of stopping at whichever spot for as long as you want. The bus has many different pick ups throughout the day (Less Scheduled). Check it out for yourself.

Well that’s enough traveling for me today. You know, I did work today. 😉

Hope you enjoyed Athens. Look forward to your boat trip to Mykonos.


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