When life takes over…

Hello my friends, it been a few weeks and the time has just flown out from underneath me. I have alot of random tid bits I’d like to share since I’ve been gone so long. I have a easy lunch/dinner idea and a fall dessert for you to whip up, a new hobby which has taken over, and an unveiling of something that is about to be revelutionary.

I’ll first start with the food, naturally. I think I discovered my new favorite dinner packed with loads of veggies, nutrients, and chips. MMM

I present to you the: Turkey Tacos =)

I mean you can never really go wrong with tacos (except if their from taco bell). This dinner took a quick 20 minutes to make and served as both a great dinner and a great lunch for the following day. My lovely accomplice who is surprisingly really good at cutting veggies (and washing dishes) cut up tomatoes, onions, celery, olives, and jalapenos for our tacos. I then added cheese, beans, and corn to the mix. They were yummy and I think the best way to eat all of your essential nutrients. If your feeling extra healthy you can even kick out the turkey and simply use the veggies/beans. Also try whole-wheat, spinach, or tomato flat breads instead of the crunchy ones I got from the box. šŸ˜‰

Now for a great fall dessert that I discovered from one of my favorite blogs:Ā EAT LIVE RUN. Let me first start off by saying that ever since last year I have a new found love for pumpkin. It is so good in everything. I also know my accomplice loves pumpkin so I like to please him every once in a while. =) It was my first one and it came out a little messy but looks like this in the end:

I thought it was really yummy and something different to make for the holidays. I would totally recommend visitingĀ EAT LIVE RUNĀ for better pictures and a step by step recipe on how to make it. I also would recommend visiting the blog simply because it’s amazing and has countless wonderful recipes.

Now it’s time to move on, I’ve gotten you nice and full with Turkey Tacos and a Pumpkin Roll. So now it’s time to share with you my new favorite love that has taken over my mind/life.

I know it looks like a crazy mess but its all the steps that go into sewing. I’ve always dreamt of designing my own clothes and now at the ripe OLD age of 22 I’m finally pursuing those goals. I got a sewing machine for my birthday (it’s up there somewhere). It’s an awesome Project Runway Edition computerized sewing machine. It is SO cool. IM OBSESSED. I go to bed dreaming of fabric and different ideas, it feels good. The first creation on my list though is of vital importance and love. I’m creating my best friendĀ ROSEĀ a lovely apron for her journey to Italy in a few months. Visit herĀ blogĀ to see why she’s heading overseas and why she might just need an apron. (Don’t tell her though, this is totally a surprise)!!!

Hopefully she will still be friends with me once she gets it. It is my first ever handmade creation!

Speaking of sewing. The main reason I got this sewing machine was for my other endeavor in life. Me and my dad (Whose an unbelievableĀ artist) are starting a clothing line based off his ‘HOOD’ Collection he had many years ago. (I will be sewing on the embroidered labels of each shirt ordered =)) But more importantly, I am now fortunate enough to be able to embark on a journey that I never dreamt of.

This blog is all about dreams coming true and journeying through life. Let me tell you, this is a dream come true. I not only have always dreamt of making clothes but I always wanted to work with clothes. Ā Im getting the opportunity to learn the business aspects of a company along with marketing, branding, designing and the actual production of clothes. I will be sharing many more details and fun facts when the time is ready for the website to be functional. For now, all I have to say is: make a bucket list. Look at the bucket list, and start doing what you’ve always dreamt of doing.

Here is a sneak peak of a ‘test’ tank-top I made today.

I’m excited. I’m very excited. The future holds some crazy things.

Oh and did I mention, I booked a trip to Grand Cayman Islands with my mom and friends for November??

Journey is Reward.


One response to “When life takes over…

  1. I’m getting an apron! You’re precious. I’m gonna love it no matter what it looks like. I can’t wait to see it when its done! And you’re going to the Grand Cayman Islands. I have no idea where that is but it sounds exotic. Save your money for Italy! I have the whole month of August off!

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