Have you ever made a mental (or actual) list of things
you'd like to do before you die? Travel to Australia, Ireland, 
Hawaii, Italy, learn hip hop violin, be a nurse of children, 
bungee-jump, be a boxer, live in 
California, and work in fashion are just to name a few of mine.

I like to keep these ideas and thoughts constantly running through my head on the daily basis. I learned from this wonderful book “The Secret” that you should keep your dreams and admirations on the forefront of your thoughts in order to accomplish them. You should try it. You should also read that book.

For now, I’m working on two major things on the bucket list.

I’m learning to box. It must be funny to watch me. (I think I’m already injured because my pinky won’t stop shaking). Either way, I feel strong and mostly bad-ass.

And for numero dos. My dad and I’s latest project: http://www.hoodclothinginc.com 11.1.11

I think it might knock your socks off.


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