Call Me Crazy

I’ve been thinking a lot. Like not sleeping because your thinking, not focusing because your thinking…thinking a lot. It seems as if turning 22 has caused me to constantly question the monotony of everyday life. I know it’s because I’ve started working in the “real world” and I know it’s because it’s the first time in my life I’m on my own. But It’s the first time I’m getting to decide what will happen next.

So much future to fill and I want to do it right.

I have a lot of dreams to fill. This gets me to my last post. (I know it’s been a while). I was talking about a few things I want to get accomplished in life. One of them was moving to California. Another was being a nurse of children.

Even though I haven’t posted in five months those dreams are still present. Every day I work to change a part of life to get to that point. I’m currently waiting back to hear about a Children’s Nurse Residency Program in San Diego and Orange County, CA.

The thought of that makes me: =).

It’s the life I want to live in my own little way.

Sneak Peak of where I can be a nurse


And where I can live with my accomplice:


And this is where I’ll go on Saturdays:


For the mean time though, I’ve been cooking, doing yoga, sewing, biking, running, eating, sleeping, nursing, loving, booking flights to Vegas and Italy and running my clothing company.

Trying to follow those dreams. Are you?


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