California Dreamer


April of 2012 was my most recent blog post, in it I spoke about my wishes of working with children and living in California.

Looking back on it, I had no idea why I wanted to move here. My visions were based solely upon a few friends recommendations that I would love living here. Without much hesitation to the idea, I wrote, thought, talked, and pursued this life.

I can’t say I would change that for the world. I am now living proof of the power of positivity and desire. I wanted it on April 11, 2012 of my last post and now June 22, 2014 I am living that life.

In my first post back, I want to reflect on the past year to catch you all up to speed. Last August I returned from a three-week magical journey to Costa Rica, to my newly assigned 3pm-3am  shift at The Miriam Hospital ED. At this point, my accomplice (as he’s called in previous posts) and I were ready to move to California after a summer of pursuing travel nurse opportunities. Despite our tremendous efforts and stress, we had no real desirable leads and decided we would have to stay.

A quick text to a friend in San Diego saying “sorry dude, it’s not going to happen, we can’t find jobs” lead us into the universal pull. Within twenty-four hours, we were forced to suddenly quit our jobs, tell our families we had to move, sell/move/pack an entire loft apartment and move to California.


That was hectic. Three days later, we arrived.


Sometime’s when an amazing opportunity comes, you just have to act. I’m very glad we did. I recently finished my first year as a school nurse working with three elementary schools.  I feel my influence present within my little students who hug, laugh, and smile at me. They call me their school mom. It seems surreal. I’ve also had the opportunity to expand my business ( to the West Coast and produce some really amazing photo-shoots with (
I feel rich in many ways. This new schedule and community of which I live has opened my life up for living. I’m constantly on a quest for adventure and discovering new cliffs, hikes, beaches and towns of Southern California. I also find time to fit in lots of yoga, friends, love and delicious foods!
I’m hoping that I will be able to bring you along for my journey through my blog which I will update regularly.
Pura Vida friends.

One response to “California Dreamer

  1. Love this! So glad you started this again. Btw…it’s creepy/awesome that you actually live near that pier you posted a pic of in 2012. Love you. Ox

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